A safe, affirming, nurturing, and supportive space for self-discovery, acceptance, compassion, and change.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation and Assessment 

A thorough and comprehensive assessment is an important first step in getting the best treatment for you.

What is involved in a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation?

Each evaluation is different, as each person's symptoms and behaviors are different. The most common parts include: 

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation and Assessment (60-90 Minutes):  $150-$185

No waitlist.

Currently available for adult residents of, or those in, New York, USA. 


Online therapy is all about accessibility, convenience, and privacy

I provide all of my services over a secure video tele-therapy platform and use a HIPAA compliant practice software that allows for secure messaging, a patient portal, electronic health records, and patient initiated booking of appointments. 

Psychotherapy (also called counseling or therapy) offers a chance for personal transformation, relief from distress and emotional suffering, and progress towards your goals.

Individual therapy is your chance to work one-on-one with a qualified, expertly trained clinician dedicated to helping you have the life you deserve.  I am dedicated to helping you learn to love yourself and others more, and we would be thrilled to join you on your healing journey. 


Ages: 17 +

Specialities: Anxiety,  ADHD, AuDHD, Autism, Trauma, Stress, LGBTQIA2S+,  Open Relationships/Polyamory, Parenting , Personality Disorders, Kink/Diverse Sexualities, Compassion Fatigue, Recovery/Addiction, Vicarious Trauma, Burnout/Occupational Trauma, Clarification of Values and Boundaries, Millennials and Young Adults, Feminism, Shame Issues within the Context of Trauma Recovery, Low Self-Esteem and Self Love

Individual Tele-Psychotherapy: $120-$160

No waitlist.

Currently available for adult residents of, or those in, New York, USA. 

Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy 

I embody Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy (NAT). NAT is a form of therapy designed to empower neurodivergent individuals using a holistic approach. NAT fosters an environment of acceptance and understanding, is grounded in research and clinical practice tailored to the needs of each client, views the client as an active participant in the therapy process, and seeks to nurture the client's strengths and skills. When you work with me, you work with someone who is committed to creating a safe, supportive, nurturing and nonjudgmental therapeutic connection for self-discovery, acceptance, and change.